Pumpkin (kristeenie16) wrote,

yiggedy yeah yeah..

I have a job already.. I am going to be working in a deli.. with M-E-A-T.. bleh.. whatever happened to the relationship between meat and I.. I do not konw.., I just simply cannot find pleasure in chomping down on a dead something or other.. woooooo.. Im in a really weird mood.. I guess Im just excited because Ive only been jobless for a week and Im already re-employed... yay... now I must dye my hair to a "normal" color.. haha.. I wonder what "color" that will be.. damn.. Im going to miss having pink hair.. .fuck me... fuck you... fuck everything.. I hate boys.. I am mad at one boy right now.. but not really more like uhhh... exhausted? over one boy... I nunno... uh.. k.. .im bored now.
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