Pumpkin (kristeenie16) wrote,


I just feel like a loser.. but I dont know what to do with my life... everyones in school, and I should be in school.. but Im not.. I hate school, but I know I have to go.. I just dont know where I want to go or what I want to do.. I want to go back to Montana so bad, but maybe I shouldnt just focus on that... I should just focus on going to school.. and making my life better.. not on other things that happened a while ago.. not on him.. not on anything else but me.

but anyway.. I am really sick.. Ive been really sick for a week and its making me miserable. Im going to the doctors later on today, and then off to another twelve hour shift at work... I cant wait to go to the doctors, and Im typing that with sarcasm... the last time I went there.. he just looked at me for two minutes and told me he couldnt test me for arthritis because it would be too expensive for me since I dont have insurance.. they didnt do SHIT for me and then charged me $96 for just looking at me. fucking sleazy bastards. ug. I dont even want to go, but I feel that I have to.. I wake up every morning with one swollen eye.. my throat has swollen lumps in it right under my jaw, my ears hurt, I cant swallow, I can hardly breath, and I have a fucking headache.. erg.. I hate being sick.. it sucks.
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