Pumpkin (kristeenie16) wrote,

guys are weird...

.. but anyway... I dont feel like working today, so Im not going to... we dont have a set schedule.. so I think Ill just take it easy today.. Ive been working for the past... oh lets see... four days... ten hours a night.. and it sucks...

I really miss Robyn right now... I tried calling you Robyn.. but noone answered.. this was liek four days ago when I was just recovering from my lovely week-long throat infection... ug... oh well... Ill try gettin ahold of you again sometime...

but anyway.. I think Im going to go now.. I really want to go on a drive, btu I cant go too far in my car because the engine is "flopping in the wind."

Too go to work or not.. now Im kind of thinking I should, but that would have to be in fourty five minutes, and I havent taken a shower in a couple of days and I look liek crap on a stick (whatever that means.) deeyam.
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