Pumpkin (kristeenie16) wrote,

Im crisp.. like lettuce...

I hate chicks named molly.. so if your name is molly.. I prolly hate you.. .

ahem.. anywho...

I've been getting into a lot of trouble lately... but I wont say what kind of trouble on here...

I miss my Robyn.. ALOT..

uhhh... Slopko still sucks..

Boys STILL suck.. and then they dont.. and then they do again..

uuhhh errrrr... I havent really been hanging out much lately.. and Im sorry to anyone I seem to be neglecting.. I just like going to work and then sleeping mostly...

Im burnt like toast.. or more specifically like Kristeen making toast...

I dyed my hair.. back to black.. dont even ask me why... it was seven o clock in the morning whne I decided on the black hair dye at wal mart... now.. I just want my old hair back... but I guess Im just going to have to wait.. good thing I havent been called kelly osbourne yet..... or heads would be flying...

Im still staying with emily, and thats all I have to say about that.

uhhhh.. nothing else new... people should call me... because that would just be great... and if not.. Ill just see y'all at warped tour.. Ill be wandering aimlessly about talking to myself about vaginas (remember Robyn?) haha.. k.. I am officially D O N E.
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